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We all find ourselves at certain points in our lives and careers needing additional encouragement, direction, and guidance in order to get from where we are - to where we want to be! Working with a coach can help you step into your highest vision of what is possible in your life, career and relationships. Often times coaching is concerned, but shunned away or pushed aside as an embarrassment of “not having it ALL together".

There is no “Blueprint to Life”. We simply must work to unlock our greatest potential and apply this knowledge in a strategy that will allow us to proceed with as much ease as possible. It’s okay if we don’t know the exact steps to take, the right Coach can help us discover it.

LaNelle Renfro Faulk assists her clients with recognizing their worth, and unlocking hidden potential. She has been recognized both locally and internationally for her dedication to her craft. Sign up now for a FREE 15 minute call for a brief chat. She would love to speak with you more about your goals.

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Life is Potpourri was created by domestic violence survivor LaNelle Renfro Faulk, who was later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; Lupus. She is a speaker, author, certified life coach and advocate for community service related endeavors. Empowering others is her purpose!
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Life is Potpourri is a concept based on the observation that life is fragrant regardless of the "experience" or "color". Our days are not always bright, sunny and filled with hues of oranges and pinks; but also serves us when our moments are brown, grey, black and not so bright.
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