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How I Became

My Story

LaNelle Renfro Faulk was born and raised in Iowa, but always had big city dreams. Those dreams started to come into reality after relocating to Dallas in 2001 where she started out working in various corporations in the accounting field. It would be her daughter’s love for modeling that would open doors into the entertainment industry, and opportunities she never thought possible. LaNelle is very personable, and while networking and meeting all types of people, she had a natural ability to draw perfect strangers into serious conversations. Her warmth gave them a trust and confidence that made complete transparency easy. She wasn’t certain where this new path away from corporate would lead, but her community service and nurturing ways definitely pointed back to her love for people. Before you know it she was planning empowerment conferences, seminars, food and water drives, etc. She has touched the lives of thousands of people.

 “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life because I was a homemaker who was married with children just after high school. I was accustomed to simply being a wife and mother. It was a wonderful relationship, but by time I was 30 I realized I never truly lived or knew what I wanted out of life.” After some spiritual sharpening, counseling, and self discovery she realized her past, which was riddled with domestic violence, family violence, and what she calls “stranger dangers” were part of a disconnection that she had with her most powerful attributes. Her inability to process residual emotions carried over and impaired important decision making. She needed healed on a deeper level and continued seeking assistance to work through her own pains, while serving others.

Today her plate is full doing what she loves to do. She has always loved writing and has been published at an early age. After freelance writing for local Dallas magazine publications, she launched her own Event Planning & Multimedia Company called Dyvyne Events (Downtown Dallas) and has had the privilege of working with Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Rehab Masters, 5 Made Men and more.  

“I never would have imagined following the Harvey’s around on their ranch taking pictures as my team captured photo & video documenting their boys mentoring program, it was quite an honor. Dyvyne Events really gave me an outlet to help people create wonderful memories and capture them as well, so we assist with any type of event planning needs. The mentoring program REALLY ignited my want to assist others in need on a deeper level. We have to keep pouring into our youth and working to understand the issues they face and directing them in a positive manner.

 LaNelle’s direct exposure to domestic violence led her to join the Board of Directors as VP of Public Relations for We Are Survivors Foundation. We Are Survivors crusades for domestic and family violence and resonated with her first hand as she is a Survivor. Alongside her foundation family she speaks to youth at various schools, participates in support groups and local events to help spread the word on everything the foundation offers. As a radio/tv personality she uses her voice on the foundation talkshow and has her own Podcast: Life Is Potpourri that broadcasts on BlogTalk Radio.

 “Cohosting the radio/tv show allows me to speak on a topic I know firsthand about and reach MANY to make them aware there is help out here for those who need it. I often do my own youth conferences and drives for the homeless, but domestic violence is a plague that I was affected by directly. I could have allowed it to stop me on many levels due to unresolved emotional scars.” 

 If you speak with LaNelle today, she will tell you her testimony now includes her recent diagnosis of Lupus, but she refuses to be unproductive and not walk in her purpose. She is rewarded in her walk as a Certified Life Coach, and planting seeds of awareness through her speaking engagements and published articles, books, and blogs. Her strength comes from her love of her family and friends and her appreciation for the lessons life can teach us.  Her words of wisdom, “Its never too late to follow your dreams. I started late, recovered from broken pieces, stopped, and started again; BUT NEVER GIVE UP! There is much Power In Broken Things, so remember Life Is Potpourri and be the #SurThriver you’re meant to be!

Stay tuned for more information on appearances, meets ups, and conferences.